tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. The amount of cookies (variety-wise, not quantity-wise, so much) that I’ve baked over the last week is crazy! We’ve started to assemble some cookie gifts buuuuut now I’m certain I have to make these chocolate white chocolate peppermint ones.

2. Wrapping gifts: do you love it or hate it? I absolutely love it and will stay up half the night wrapping presents. There is just something so satisfying about folding those corners. WEIRD.

3. A little over a week ago I set out a cooler for the UPS/Fedex/etc guys filled with water, iced coffee cans, la croix and snacks and a note thanking them for delivering an obnoxious amount of packages in 2017. I saw this idea on pinterest and it has been my favorite thing that we’ve done this season for others. 

4. Eddie is currently binging on The Punisher. I’m considering starting The Crown. Thoughts?

5. So I’ve never understood the appeal of the Hallmark Christmas movies or the Hallmark channel in general (I know, am I a monster?), but I somehow got sucked in to watching TWO movies this past weekend while I was wrapping and, um, now I kind of get it. KIND OF.

6. Your cookie horoscope! Fun fun fun.

7. Even though I am in absolutely no rush for this year and season (and my self-imposed maternity leave) to end, I’m also secretly excited for all the self-helpy articles and tips and videos about starting fresh in the new year. Like how to organize your day for success.

8. Always swore we’d never be those people with blow up Christmas decor in our yard but Max is trying to make a VERY strong case this year.