tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I’m posting a late night Tuesday things from the sick house, as I was hit with the stomach flu on Christmas Eve morning. We haven’t left the house in three days, had barely any food in the fridge over the duration and officially missed every Christmas festivity we’d been looking forward to for months. It was such a bummer, but at least we cuddled (read: slept like the dead) on the couch together under the lights?

2. So I’m craving all sorts of things since I couldn’t eat for 72 hours but these chocolate espresso vegan cinnamon rolls are at the top of my list!

3. This week is like the summer mindset for me. I always look at it as vacation and am shocked when Eddie’s like, um, I have to work. Or that I still have to do work. Wait, what? Don’t we just permanently have summers and the week after Christmas off like we are 12 years old?

4. Every year that I’ve created a vision board has ended up being an AWESOME year. I love it.

5. Since I’m starting to feel better, I think I’m going to read a Christmas book super quick this week and am considering the Seven Days of Us. Have you read it?!

6. I caved and watched the Christmas Prince on Netflix last week while wrapping. And tonight I might end up watching Fuller House. I’m into really good bad TV right now, as usual. And ah – The Affair comes back on soon! YES.

7. Pretty sure that I’m going to attempt the 10 (5?) minute meditation thing starting TODAY. Okay, maybe tomorrow. Any tips? Favorite apps? Help. But I neeeeeed it.

8. P.S. all of our fancy Christmas outfits… went to waste. And I was so sick that I didn’t take any pictures until late Christmas day and by “pictures” I mean one picture. So I’m thinking we just need to have a fancy night out this week? For four?