currently crushing on I

Hello weekend! We have a busy and fun one. Max has been learning to ice skate and we have Emilia’s baptism. I also want to make a bunch of heart sugar cookies for Valentine’s Day. And we are finishing up some reeeeally exciting things for The Pretty Dish!

What are you guys up to? I hope you have a fabulous day. xo

P.S. last week on the blog, I shared my January favorites as well as what we are loving now that Max is 3!


how to cook the perfect filet. i want that.

red velvet heart surprise cupcakes. SO cute.

it’s a cheeseburger tater tot casserole. yes i said it.

dying over this potato soup with crunchy kale.

old fashioned conversational truffles. OMG!

7 minute frosting! the best.

omg. this week: cheesy baked gnocchi bolognese. holy.

the cutest lofthouse style sugar cookies!

lobster linguine. i won’t say no.

delicious lemon blueberry quinoa pancakes. brunch forever.