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2. All I want right now: the ultimate chocolate cake.

3. But! Speaking of? I’m currently stuck with FOUR forms of cake right now. Leftover cake from Emilia’s baptism and my MIL’s birthday, cupcakes from that night too as well as a cake I made yesterday for the blog in a few weeks. At this point I don’t even want to look at cake!

4. It’s Fat Tuesday! So maybe all the cake will serve a purpose. Are you making anything delicious for dinner? I’m thinking a huuuuge brunch style breakfast for dinner.

5. My phone won’t stop autocorrecting “dinner” to “sinner.” I mean… what? Pretty sure considering what I do, I’m writing out “dinner” a lot more often.

6. My only thought for the Homeland premier: BORING. Okay, but the real thing we need to discuss is This Is Us. Every single one of the actors (the young and old) should get awards! They are all so good. I thought last Tuesday’s episode was sadder than the one after the Super Bowl. So glad we have the Olympics to distract us for awhile! Also, ummm OMG Mirai Nagasu and Adam Rippon. LOVE THEM. And Chloe Kim! AHHHH so amaze.

7. All the crazy love I had for Reese Witherspoon just grew.

8. For what is seriously the third holiday in a row, I’m way ahead of the game in buying cards for people. Only one problem: I can’t find them. I have no idea where I put them. I did this for two birthdays recently too. Worst mom brain ever.

9. Also very depressed that after this week I should probably take down the Valentine’s decor. Nope nope nope.