tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. These flowers are from TARGET! I mean, it’s not even a Super Target. Regular old boring Target. I never need to go anywhere else ever. Except Trader Joes?

2. How stunning are these raspberry dark chocolate chunk scones?! Need.

3. Does anyone else feel like they are real life BFFs with Jennifer Aniston and so very devastated at her split with Justin? Just me? Okay cool.

4. Still so seriously amazed by the figure skaters. I desperately need Adam Rippon’s costume to wear as regular clothing (those teal sparkles OMG). The Shib sibs! Also, HOW can the commentators tell that these people have executed the double or triple jump? I can’t tell at all. Also, hello, can I live in this room.

5. TV show situations! I watched Homeland (still boring), Divorce (I find it hilarious), The Bachelor (vomit) and alll the olympics. I’m pretty much the only one in my family who is downright obsessed with the olympics and I’m driving them nuts.

6. Found this on Tracy’s blog and LOVED it: balancing writing and social media.

7. Back in the fall, Eddie took Max to see Coco when I had an event one night. I finally watched it over the weekend and LOVED IT SO MUCH! Oh my gosh. I think we all cried watching it again. It’s one of the few times in these three years Max has actually sat and watched (well, most of!) a movie.

8. My middle school BFF and I would always joke about what would happen if we called the boys we liked in our sleep. Like sleep-calling. Instead of sleep-walking. The days of landlines! Well these days I’m afraid that I’m sleep-gramming. Instagramming in my sleep by accident. I wake up to feed Emilia and think I’ve posted something crazy. The 2018 brain is weird.

9. Our Nordstrom has a huge Celine bag display right now and a few weeks ago, I was showing my mom the ridiculous price of the bags (even though I really like the basg, buuuut!) and she’s like (very loudly) “WHY DOES CELINE DION MAKE BAGS LIKE THIS?” in front of multiple sales associates. I crawled in a hole and died. I’m still there!