what you're making from the pretty dish I

This has seriously been one heck of an amazing two weeks. Seeing all of the creations you have already made from The Pretty Dish is UNREAL. I knew that I loved this book. In fact, I feel like I can never top this book. But I didn’t realize how much you might love it too and how many recipes would be so accessible, easily adaptable for different lifestyles and just generally appealing … right away! I hoped so, but your response is the best.

I love you guys so much!

First, The Pretty Dish book club is already incredible. If you haven’t ordered your book yet, grab a copy and then join the book club group on Facebook. If you don’t have Facebook, no bid deal! We’re also following along on instagram with #prettydishbookclub and #theprettydish. You can find all the details for the book club HERE.

When I say this group is majorly inspiring, that’s an understatement. The twists I’ve seen on some of the dishes already (or the ones that people are making weight watchers friendly, adapting to be gluten or dairy free, etc) are awesome.

However, I wanted to share a few other recipes that have been at the top of the list this week – meaning that you guys have been making these ones more than any others in the book – aside from our book club recipes. I want to feature the dishes you are making because they are looking fabulous!

what you're making from the pretty dish I

[photo from @em_kerrigan]

So let’s get to it.

First up! You guys are FREAKING OVER the Chocolate Crinkle Sprinkle Cookies. I love them too. I wanted to make them every day this week, but Max has been sick and I didn’t get to it.

what you're making from the pretty dish I

[photo from @katherinegabrielle]


Next, the Baked Whitefish with Tomatoes, Lemons and Capers. This is such a weeknight-friendly mean, full of flavor, is super simple and also can be made on the grill when it gets warm out.

what you're making from the pretty dish I

[photo from @rd_amy]

The Buffalo Cauliflower Flatbread has been another huuuuuge win this week. It’s so freaking good!

what you're making from the pretty dish I

[photo from @rachetad]

Finally, tons of you have made the carnitas burrito bowls this week! I love these bowls because they are rice-less and so customizable! So many delicious flavors in here and they make a ton of different meals.

what you're making from the pretty dish I

[photo from @okaydoak]

If you have the book, I’d love to hear down below what you’re making! This weekend, I’m going to make the tiramisu bread pudding and I might make the burrito bowls too. I want to make everything again because YOU are inspiring me to make it again. You’re the absolute best.