The Pretty Dish Book Club – May!

Welcome to The Pretty Dish Book Club for May!

The Pretty Dish Book Club I

And a little recap of April!

The Pretty Dish Book Club has turned into such a fantastic fun experience – it’s become more than I ever imagined.

The Pretty Dish Book Club I

These photos here are just a fraction of the thousands of pics shared on Facebook and Instagram from The Pretty Dish. It has been incredible and has blown my mind.

We’ve been having an absolute blast in the Facebook group. We have the best chats and some exclusive content (and giveaways!) so be sure to join if you haven’t yet!

To join, all you have to do is get your copy of the book and request access to the group.

The Pretty Dish Book Club I

I promised some giveaways for the month of April if you shared your content on instagram too! This month, I’m giving away three of the Cerastone Ceramic Skillets that I love so much (the white skillet that you guys ask about!!).

Below are the random winners from instagram (and email!) entries:

Ceilidh Smith

Mallory Milluzzi

Haley Ahrens

Congrats guys! Please email me at howsweeteats [at] gmail [dot] com with your mailing address!

To be eligible for next month’s giveaway,  be sure to post photos under the instagram hashtag #prettydishbookclub to be entered to win and I’ll randomly choose winners!

May Book Club recipes:

For the month of May, I increased the number of recipes for you after taking a poll in the Facebook group. So many of you made the recipes for April in the first week, it was crazy. So I added a few more, just in case you have the time to get through them.

The Pretty Dish Book Club I

Blackened BBQ Salmon with Mango Salsa

The Pretty Dish Book Club I

Asparagus with Shallots, Bacon & Parmesan

The Pretty Dish Book Club I

BBQ Bourbon Burgers

The Pretty Dish Book Club I

Hand Cut Fresh Spinach Pasta

The Pretty Dish Book Club I

Strawberry Almond Mascarpone Tart

The Pretty Dish Book Club I

Blueberry Hibiscus Mint Juleps

Now remember – these are just a guide! Over in The Pretty Dish Facebook Group, everyone shares ALL the recipes they make from the book, and I love it! So make what you’d like. When deciding on these monthly recipes, I wanted to keep things seasonal, because that’s how I cook in my own kitchen. So we have salmon for a nice weeknight dinner. Asparagus as a seasonal side. Burgers for Memorial Day! The strawberry tart for Mother’s Day or even the Kentucky Derby (the run for the roses!) – along with the mint juleps for the Derby too. And the spinach pasta as a little spring challenge, something out of the box. I can’t wait to see your creations!

As a quick reminder, here’s how you can join The Pretty Dish Book Club:

  1. get your book!
  2. join the Facebook group!
  3. share your creations in the Facebook group and on instagram all month long with the hashtags #prettydishbookclub (using #howsweeteats and #theprettydish help too!)

Thank you guys for all of your amazing support with the book! xo