tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I can’t get over the prettiness of this rhubarb upside down cake!

2. But see also, I’ve barely ever had rhubarb. Maybe twice or thrice. Never on its own. What does it taste like? Because it looks like pink celery and if it tastes anything like it for real, I’m out.

3. When I was a kid, my mom would pack up all of our winter clothes and store them for the summer and vice versa. Eventually she stopped doing that, but I’m curious if you do (or ever did) it! I do not, but briefly considered it this week while sorting my kids’ piles of itty bitty clothes.

4. Starbucks has a new cold brew with cold foam and while I really loved it, I find it impossible to drink from the adult sippy cup! Especially if I’m driving? Or holding kids? So I just asked for a straw like the huge embarrassment that I am.

5. I can’t stop following the coverage on the Hawaii volcano and the creeping lava. It’s terrifying but I also can’t turn away because it’s something I’ve never seen before in real life. I remember being taught about it in school, but seeing it happen is just crazy.

6. All I have to say about TV this week? BILLIONS IS SO AMAZING! It just gets better and better. I looooove the storyline and that episode was so good. I hope we go into new territory now where those three team up again or something. I love Axe so much – he’s like a 2018 Tony Soprano. Does illegal things but is a character that you can’t help loving. On another note, did you see the previews for this week’s Grey’s Anatomy? Oh boy.

7. Tell me your thoughts on hot sauce. Such a riveting question, I know. I am NOT a lover of hot sauce – I personally think it ruins everything. But my brothers and cousins put it on everything! Your stance?

8. So funny: all of our instagrams are the same.

9. I didn’t grow up listening to country music (and my parents both still loathe it) and it wasn’t until the end of college that I got into it (the Kenny Chesney boom, I think) – but I loooove listening to it when it starts to get warm and summer comes around. It’s all I can play right now!

10. Kerry Washington at the Met Gala. J Lo. Gigi Hadid. Those dresses! OMG amazing.