tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. The royal wedding was seriously everything to me. Lacy and I woke up before 5 in our Atlanta hotel and stayed in bed watching it for hours. I will forever be a hopeless romantic and it was so dreamy. I LOVED that second dress. Not to mention… the Queen is Mother Lovett incarnated.

2. Baked Nashville chicken hot sliders?! I need them. I’ll be in Nashville next weekend for The Pretty Dish event, so tell me where to get the best hot chicken!

3. I still have Mother’s Day cards up on our mantle and every time I look at them and see “mom” on the front, I’m thinking “oh what a nice card for my mom” and then I realize that they are MINE! Similarly to how I was complaining about how I don’t feel my age last week, I still think HOW AM I A MOM constantly. Like, constantly. Now, who has watched Ali Wong’s Hard Knock Wife special… ?

4. Speaking of my mom, last week as I was getting us an Uber, she was talking about how all of our life we’re taught to never get in a car with a stranger. And now it’s all we do. I mean, she isn’t wrong about that.

5. Currently listening to the 5 Second Rule on audible right now. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with food being on the floor for five seconds. Have you read it? It’s interesting! But also… like, doesn’t work for me?

6. Okay, so what is this plot twist kind of thing that Billions is taking? I’m not into it. I like that they are switching it up a bit but can’t they keep the storyline to something I enjoy and/or can follow? HA. Annnd did you see all the previews for The Affair? So excited. Even after how awful it ended up last year. Also, what did you think of the Grey’s finale? It was cute, I was glad it wasn’t a plane crash/bomb/death explosion, but the most exciting part was Teddy at the end! Eeeeep!

7. Puhleeeease tell me that you saw the Salt-n-Pepa performance at the Billboard awards on Sunday night? OH MY GOSH. I died. And was so impressed. They were incredible.

8. Why do I want a La Croix swimsuit? Ugh.

9. Just how millennial can I get today? We’re having a rosé party! We should probably be wearing the La Croix suits while sipping.

10. What are your plans for Memorial Day weekend? This is always one of my favorite weeks of the year!