summer fridays volume 4 I #summer #fridays

Welcome to Summer Fridays! Where it feels like we’re jetting off for the weekend, even if we aren’t! 


An amazing party that we had last night for The Pretty Dish at Room & Board in DC. It was sooo fun – there were cocktails from the book, the bourbon burgers made into mini sliders, avocado toasts and balsamic watermelon feta skewers. I’ll share lots more photos and a post over on Crumbs, but aside from meeting you all, my personal highlight was when Max escaped Eddie’s grip, ran up to the microphone and told everything that “he eats pizza,” he “drizzles the honey” to help me cook and that “we have a baby.” I died.


Everyday? Summer breakfast tacos on repeat. Also some grilled cherry salsa to put on all the other things. And to use as a blanket for tortilla chips. You know.


On a few snacks that I prepped for our DC road trip this week. If you’re looking for something fun, easy and delish, my faves are these peanut butter oatmeal energy bites, my pistachio macaroon granola bars and this zucchini coconut chocolate chip snack bread.


Blueberry slab pie. I’m about to go nuts on blueberry season, much like I did with strawberries!


These fresh peach gin and tonics. It’s that time of year! I’m tempted to make a frozen version too. Hmmm.


Finishing up The Last Mrs. Parrish. I am torn on this book. While everyone is like OMG IT IS SO GOOD, it really took me awhile to get into it at the beginning. It just seemed too one dimensional or simple or something (and I mean, I love light reads!). What did you guys think?! Super excited because tonight, I’m starting Elin Hilderbrand’s newest, The Perfect Couple. Eeeeep!


To the newest playlist… the How Sweet Eats Road Trip playlist! We were going to save this one for later this summer when we head to northern Michigan, but I wanted you to enjoy for the next few weeks. SO here you go!


A new podcast, The RFK tapes. If you’re into anything Kennedy-related and anything American history? You’ll love it. Also listened to the Tom Brady episode of Oprah’s Supersoul podcast and it is so good. So so good.


The Drunk Elephant D Bronzi Serum! FINALLY! It’s from my favorite brand and this is the serum that you can add to your moisturizer for that bronzy glow. I’ve been waiting for it to come out!


On a post on how I’ve been blogging for ten years. Almost ten freaking years! WHAAAT. Okay technically I’m still at nine years but that’s basically ten so we should round up. If you’re interested in a post like that, leave a question down below! Many of you have asked questions over the years, but I’m going to finally get to it.


Philly – for a day! We’re headed there today for my event this weekend for The Pretty Dish. Hoping to get my hands on a Philly cheesesteak while I’m there too. Tell me your favorite place. Ready set go!

summer fridays volume 4 I #summer #fridays

Here’s to a s’mores packed weekend. xo