tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. In looking back at old blog posts (embarrassing!) from 2011 and 2012 last night, I was sooo full of wishing that blogging/instagram was sharing real life moments all the time again. It’s so old school but I can’t stop doing that here on my crumbs section! Sometimes I feel like I’m living in 2009 with my posts. HA.

2. Not sure I’ve ever seen such an amazing strawberry shortcake. Insane.

3. In typical iPhone fashion, my camera is on the fritz soooo I need to think about a new one. The 8? The X? Give me your thoughts! I have a 7plus and love the size so I’m leaning towards the 8plus.

4. When I was planting some flowers Sunday night, I found huuuuge ant hills in some of my pots. Like the teeny ants, but millions. I mean, zillions. And it reminded me of this recurring dream I used to have as a kid where I would wake up and look across the room and see thousands of ants crawling up my closet door. And last night that’s all I could think of and my skin is still crawling! Ick. Going to have to move.

5. Billions was SO good this week. That ending with Taylor? Oh my gosh. And Lara and Bobby? This freaking cast is so good. And I’m freaking out for the finale next week. Oh oh! Do you know what else I watched that I thought was really cute? Splitting Up Together. Adorable. Annnd I’m so ready for Pacey in The Affair.

6. Insanity that it’s the 20 year anniversary of Sex and The City. And because of that, I can’t stop reading all the anniversary articles.

7. Did you guys see the spelling bee last week?! I pretty much hold my breath every time someone has to spell a word and it gets worse as the competition dwindles. I can’t even imagine being one of the parents! See also: those words were insane. Spelling was my strongest subject in school (hello, math is the worst) but those words? I was clueless.

8. Very much in love with Rachel’s idea of a dress code. Love.

9. Sometimes I sit and smell the perfume bottles in my beauty “pantry” to remind myself of certain moments. Why yes, I would be the queen of procrastination. And nostalgia! Really though, what did middle school smell like for you? For me, it was Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers.