tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Thoughts on IGTV? I’m (not-s0) secretly hoping it just disappears. But I did post some videos over there! Because I’m a hypocrite.

2. This crunchy peanut butter chocolate tart? I cannot handle it. Best combo of life.

3. Please tell me why on earth there are fall decor and fall shoes and fall clothing items in stores right now… before July! What the heck. How depressing.

4. I really, really liked The Affair this week! It felt so much like seasons one and two and that has me crazy excited. Cole is by far my favorite character… obviously. Pacey. Hello. And! A bunch of you asked me where I’m watching Southern Charm. The answer is comcast – on demand. I’m still on season two because I can barely get through one episode a night. But I love it.

5. How Anthony Bourdain changed her life. I love.

6. Took a huge gulp of what I thought was orange juice over the weekend and it turned out that it was golden BEET juice. Almost died. Not sure how I’m still living. Tasted like… the earth.

7. It’s cotton candy grape season! Have you tried them before? They are so weird because they ACTUALLY taste like cotton candy.

8. Max is obsessed with attempting to walk around in my (very high) wedges and it’s basically the cutest thing ever.

9. When you love your friends but don’t want to make plans to see them.

10. We’re working on a week full of summer fun right now and I want to know: what’s one thing on your summer bucket list?!