tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. We had three bad iced coffees this weekend. I mean, that’s a record. Nothing worse than a hot coffee served with 4 ice cubes that melt immediately in the sunshine!

2. Asking again two weeks later: thoughts on IGTV now? Is anyone watching it? Are YOU watching it? If you’re watching it, what kind of videos are you watching? My instagram app doesn’t even have me updated to IGTV yet so I watch nothing. I just don’t get it!

3. How stunning is this coconut vertical roll cake?! Wowza.

4. Apparently on my journey to become quite elderly, I’m finding myself caring a whole lot about PILLOWS. As I type this, I’m in a hotel with horrific pillows so that doesn’t help, but our pillows at home are awful. We have a king bed and those long king pillows flatten out easily. Tell me all your pillow secrets.

5. Haven’t watched The Affair yet this week since we’ve been away but I am four seasons deep into Southern Charm and have so many thoughts. I love Shep. I also actually like Kathryn a lot. Can’t staaaand Thomas or Landon. They are the worst! Also, this is a whole new experience for me because I don’t really watch reality TV (like the housewives, etc – don’t watch it!) and some of it just feels so scripted.

6. Loving the idea of this slower living. The concept really always seems impossible (and very unrealistic) for me, but reading that post makes all that seem doable!

7. I realized that I think I’ve been accidentally meditating. I mean, it was one of my new years goals and I totally failed, BUT, sometimes I lie down with Max when he takes a nap and in order to get him to fall asleep, I do yoga breathing (I’ve done it since he was a baby) to calm and relax him and it’s almost a little meditative for me. For like, 13 seconds at least.

8. Dying over the on brand childhood meme. Except pathetically, I can’t even think of my own! What’s yours?

9. So excited for the Nordstrom anniversary sale to start this week! I always get the best booties and some basics and things for Max – even though I usually find the catalog to be lackluster (totally did this year), once the sale goes live there are always a bunch of things online I love. I’ll share later this week, woohoo.