tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Coffee jelly. It’s a thing. A thing that I need.

2. This is craziness. For my entire life, whenever I eat walnuts, my tongue hurts. Like it feels like it’s being ripped up. I continue to eat walnuts though because I just figured it happened to EVERYONE. Eddie and I were out on Friday night and we had amazing roasted cauliflower with walnuts. It happened again and when he went to the restroom, I googled it and it said that means I have an oral allergy to walnuts. WHAT?!

3. Something else that’s funny that we always talk about. I have a great memory (was even better before I had kids!) and Eddie feels like he doesn’t have a great one. (Um, I’d agree.) I always feel like things happened 5 minutes ago (like our kids being born? Didn’t that just happen yesterday?!) while he always feels like things happened a super long time ago. It’s so weird!! Is this because I’m more nostalgic/sentimental than he is?

4. Last week I got to meet Valerie behind Lily & Val and oh my gosh, not only is she wonderful (and super sentimental like me!), she creates GORGEOUS work like this! Cutest right? Just go ahead and lose yourself on her instagram. It’s all over today.

5. We finished Jack Ryan this weekend! And I’m reeeeally excited that fun shows are coming back on this week. Can’t wait to sit and eat my tears while watching This Is Us. Ugh. I also want to watch Bodyguard!

6. I know I know I know that I really need a reasonable bedtime.

7. We were in Bath and Body Works few weeks ago (had to grab another Leaves candle, #basic) and I smelled one of the body lotions. I know that my scents have obviously changed as I’ve aged (especially after having kids) but as I smelled it, I couldn’t believe that I wore the body lotion at one time. Are there any scents you like that aren’t as… strangling.

8. Um this is so super true for us. The best baby toy is a TV remote.