Oh my GOSH! This has been such a fun beauty month!

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So. Almost all of this stuff below is new, which is crazy. I was almost out of a few of my skincare products and decided to try a few new things.  And let’s just say that I.am.in.love. Oooooh

I mentioned some of the things below on instagram stories a few weeks ago, and promised I’d give an update!

And OH guess what? Remember last year when I mentioned how much I loved Jo Malone’s Ginger Biscuit (it’s been in my faves for multiple years!) but it’s usually limited edition and they brought it back? I randomly searched for it yesterday and it is online right now! This is huge. It seems to sell out ASAP (and I never know when they are bringing it back?) so make sure you get some soon. Early Christmas present, hello!

Ooooh and it’s worth noting that I am still loving all my favorites from last month. Even the Tom Ford Soleil Blanc. I haven’t switched yet.

Okay! So onto this month….

september beauty favorites I howsweeteats.com

Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel. This was my first purchase in the skincare line and I bought a travel size pack in the aisle of doom at Sephora. That checkout aisle kills me. I used it once and was sold. Did lots of research and read billows of reviews. I used it two days later and was like OMG this is amazing. I have since been using it every other day and I love it. Now here is the kicker. I use this in conjunction with my Sunday Riley Good Genes (which I can’t ever imagine giving up!) and Luna Oil. I alternate days. And always moisturize like crazy after (with Lala Whipped Cream or Protini Moisturizer). I can’t believe how the texture is gone from my skin.

Also, side note: I started using Luna Oil sparingly again last month after asking my doctor about it because I’m still nursing. She said it was fine because Emilia isn’t nursing constantly anymore, it’s not a prescription strength and I use it right after feeding her at night on my face. I still don’t feel comfortable using it daily, so I’m using it once or twice a week at the moment! If you’re nursing, I’d ask your doctor before trying.

Dr Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Serum. So far, completely in love with this stuff too. When I bought this, I had a day or two left on my Drunk Elephant C Firma Serum and decided to give this a go. I’ve been using it for over two weeks now and love it as much as the C Firma so far. I was tempted to try this because it said COLLAGEN of course. I can’t tell a huge difference from the C Firma but think it’s important to use vitamin c every day. I do this before the Protini Moisturizer every morning.

Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic & Retinol Eye Serum. A later purchase in the month, but after reading reviews, I couldn’t pass it up! This is sort of in the same boat as the Luna Oil above – I’m only using it once a week around my eyes. I swear that yesterday I could already see a difference! I’m interested to see how this one plays out, but so far it is great. And I’ve had no irritation with it. Some of the reviews are crazy.

Dr Dennis Gross Dew It Right Eye Gel. I grabbed this one because I’m obsessed with all things hyaluronic acid. And my Drink Elephant C Tango Vitamin eye cream was almost gone! I really liked how that one worked under makeup so decided to go with this gel version. Totally adore it, of course. But feel like it’s going to run out super fast. I’m only using this in the morning.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter. Okay I know I know I know. This is my typical once-or-twice a year OMG foundation post. I hate foundation. I will (hopefully) NEVER wear it everyday. I just can’t imagine. It’s so heavy. But sometimes, I have to wear it. If I have to be on camera or film, I definitely need a little more coverage – my skin just looks more even. Yes, daily I still use the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. But I have wanted to buy this all summer and figured while I was on this beauty binge, why not? I LOVE IT. No, I won’t ever wear it daily, but I freaking adore it when I do wear it. It definitely looks like a foundation + highlighter filter in one and I’ve used it alone, but also combined it with foundation. If you have oily skin or if you don’t like a dewy look, you will hate this. If you have dry skin and love that highlight, you will adore it! I’m obsessed with it.

Laura Mercier Glow Setting Powder. This was a total impulse purchase and another thing that probably makes you go, WTF? I don’t wear any powder on my skin since it’s dry – like ever. I do use bronzer sometimes and use powder blush (but I’ve been using this Glossier one all year!) but I NEVER set my makeup. WELL. My friend Natalie bought this and was telling me how amazing it is. Kind of like the situation above, I knew I needed something with a little more coverage for events, TV, etc. I use the LIGHTEST bit of this (no, seriously, I swirl my brush in a very light pile in the cap, tap it off then blow it off and then use it) and holy glow. I love it so much. This + the filter stuff above is an insane combo. However, if you have oily skin, you will hate both together. You might like this on its own though.

Natasha Denona Lila Palette. Remember when I bought this last fall? When I want to do actual MAKEUP on my eyes (like some color, a little smoky eye, etc), this is what I use. I love these shadows so much. I mostly use the bottom row and have been using it weekly this month. I love these colors so much! They are so silky and smooth too.

september beauty favorites I howsweeteats.com

So tell me, what are you loving right now? What holiday things are you most excited for? I can’t wait to hear!

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