tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Am I the only freak who loves when a new month STARTS on a Monday? I know that I’ve written this before, but it def makes me overly excited.

2. This autumn panzanella with pumpkin vinaigrette is insanely gorgeous.

3. How do feel about dates on blog posts? I love and want dates on all blog posts. It makes me crazy when there are no dates!

4. Dead over this this: ruin the holidays with these mac and cheese candy canes. HAHAHAHA. See also: ew?!

5. Even though I read constantly throughout the winter, spring and summer, my reading always falls off the deep end come fall. Why is this? There are still a few books left on my summer reading list that I want to cross off, but tell me what you’re reading now!

6. SO much TV this past week! I found the general consensus on This Is Us was that it was boring, but I kind of enjoyed it. I am insanely hooked on the future scenes with Randall and dying to see where that goes. I also watched A Million Little Things and actually liked it so much more than I thought I would. And of course I was sucked into the world of Grey’s Anatomy and liked that too.

7. Over the weekend I also watched the Jane Fonda special on HBO. Most definitely cried at that.

8. It’s decorative gourd season! That basically described my weekend. Perfect for the first week of October. Also, language.