tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Ooooh I am craving this fresh tomato spaghetti squash! How good does that look.

2. Over the weekend I saw Leslie Odom Jr in concert and he was SO good. I’ve been on a Hamilton soundtrack binge ever since. Max is very into it.

3. How to find the perfect time to write! I love this. I’ve found recently that when things overwhelm me or I’m dreading working on something, if I give myself a 30 minute block of time (super short and not overwhelming!) to work on them, I get a TON done in that time. More than I’d think I would.

4. Okay guys, I am SO into A Million Little Things! Every week I keep saying it but I really am loving it. I obviously still love This Is Us but it’s so much more of an emotional rollercoaster than I can handle at times. I mean, you know, since it’s real life. Ugh. Can’t stand myself. Also, did you see all the cast changes for The Affair next year? Pretty sure I don’t even want to watch now. Whomp whomp.

5. I was laughing at these lies of convenience that you tell your kids. I know I’ve told Max a few about cleaning up toys and what not.

6. Do you actually think that time is speeding up for us? I read Emilia’s birth story on my baby page last night and just about had a heart attack that it was almost a year ago.

7. Why you should make your bed every morning. I get it.

8. You guys! Every year at this time I talk about how I was Jem for about four Halloweens in a row. Well I was at the mall last week and saw a holographic sparkly bright sweater that looked exactly like my mom’s sweater from the 80s that I wore when I went as Jem. Said sweater was only $380. You know. ONLY. I should probably go again this year.