tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. This is the best DIY pumpkin keg I’ve seen. Stunning.

2. Okay guys, who is totally freaking about the iPhone update where it shows you how much time you spend on your phone? Mine is averaging around three hours per day. Not awful but what kills me is that if I get up at night and feed Emilia, once I get back to bed, I’m awake and sometimes start looking at my phone… which occasionally lasts for an HOUR. The worst. I’m so curious – what is your screen time?!

3. I know that this means I should probably switch to a real alarm clock. Do they still exist? Kidding. Kind of. The post proves they do!

4. Eddie’s pumpkin carving skills are insane. He’s so talented when it comes to art. My only contribution to pumpkin carving is the secret hack to sprinkle cinnamon inside your pumpkin (and on the “lid) then use a vanilla candle inside. Smells like heaven on Halloween night!

5. Being an adult and homeowner totally stinks when you walk in the door at 11PM from a dinner to find your laundry room and basement flooded. It.was.the.worst. I thought I could clean it up on my own but it was way too overwhelming, so I had to wake up Eddie and I felt so bad because he gets up at the crack of dawn. Definitely a marriage building experience, haha.

6. TV favorites last week? This Is Us was meh. A Million Little Things is still SO good. I’m so glad so many of you also love it. Know what else I think is embarrassingly super cute? Splitting Up Together! I always DVR it and watch while editing photos.

7. What are you currently reading! I started Elin Hilderbrand’s newest and downloaded Anne Lamott’s newest last night!

8. Every year is different for me in terms of when I start listening to Christmas music. Sometimes I don’t start until December. Other years I start November 1st. This year is definitely the latter and come Thursday, it’s on.

9. Speaking of Thursday, I am launching an amazing holiday entertaining guide for you guys! Be sure to come back and check it out. I am SO excited about it.