the couch we are obsessed with I

Can we talk about couches for a minute? Is that weird?! Because I am in love with this one.

This year, I partnered with Room & Board to do some amazing work with The Pretty Dish. To kick things off, we had an AMAZING (I mean, truly amazing!) book signing + party at their D.C. store and it was just incredible. And spoiler alert! I’m coming to Dallas in February for another event with them. More details to come.

Anyhoo. For part of my partnership with Room & Board this year, they gave me a gift card to put towards – anything (!) – that I wanted. I went back and forth but eventually settled on a… couch.

You might remember that back when we moved into our current house, I was six months pregnant and it was three weeks (!!!) before Seriously Delish came out. I then went on that book tour for two months and, well… I’ve basically never decorated my house.

Hahaha. I mean, you know. I have, but having an eye for décor? Not my thing. I get so super overwhelmed and just don’t even know what to choose.

I have a hard time deciphering between the things I love that would look great in my house, and the things I admire in others’ décor that have no place in my home. If that makes sense.

So I’m hoping that if I get my act together and share some of my home stuff here on crumbs, maybe I’ll finally settle on some décor I love!

the couch we are obsessed with I

First up, this couch. I sat on the comfiest couches during the book party in D.C. and well…

Our couch situation was bad. Bad.

First, it was a grayish/cream/black tweed and once that starts to wear, it just looks awful. It was just such an ugly couch! It was also a weird shape – we didn’t ever have enough seating when friends and family were over, let alone big parties.

On top of that, our kitchen and living room area are all ONE GIANT ROOM. Like one huge room. The kitchen has tile and the living room has carpet, so there is some sort of distinct change in the room – but that couch didn’t close or open either part of the giant room as we needed it to.

The final part of this bad couch puzzle? Aside from the fact that I have a ridiculous amount of toys in the room since I work at home and have to entertain the kids while I work? We have wooden blinds and they keep the room dark, even when they are open. I knew that in order to add some light to the room, we need to try a lighter piece of furniture!

I mean, sure, my dream is like an emerald or hot pink or blue velvet couch buuuuut not happening at this stage in my life. You know.

the couch we are obsessed with I

So here’s what we went with. I ordered this Metro Sectional in the destin linen shade (it’s still light enough in color for my liking but manageable with kids!) and I’m obsessed. I initially bought the 113 x 113 size, but it was actually a bit small for the room. I ended up ordering an extra arm the day it arrived and that came last week. And now we are obsessed. I mean, our entire family can lounge on this couch.

It is so ridiculously comfortable but also firm enough to be supportive. Um, yesterday? I actually fell asleep on this couch in the middle of the day. Eddie just about died. I have no time to nap and I do not nap. But it sucked me in.

And the best part? It makes the living room area look huge. Up until now, I haven’t had any sort of coffee table or ottoman in there either (mostly because of corners + toddling babies’ heads) and now, it’s like I have this giant space. Please send me coffee table/ottoman/table recommendations! I need a good one.

I wasn’t always sold on a sectional even though we had one in our last home and loved it. But this is working wonders and separated the living room from the kitchen as well as made the living area look and feel so.much.bigger. I feel like I have a whole new space in my house! And, um, now I need some photos or art or something on the wall. Send me some of those too?

Oh and p.s. I can’t wait until the Christmas tree goes up because I’m seriously going to sit on this couch and stare at it the entire month of December.

[Thanks so much to Room & Board who provided me with a gift card to put towards the purchase of this couch!]