tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. There is something about the fall colors this year that are just so brilliant. I swear they haven’t been this intense in years past. I am loving it!

2. How incredible does this lemon butter chicken look?!

3. My mom always took us with her to vote when we were kids (because she didn’t really have a choice and had to take us!) and I adored it. I remember going with her every time. I’m taking Max with me today and am so excited!

4. If you’re a Christmas music freak like me, then you guys have to listen to Tinsel and Tunes! OMG. This is brilliant. It’s a free app + holiday radio station and it is SO good.

5. I’m not doing the decor just yet though. I WANT to, but I’m having Thanksgiving (which might be my favorite holiday?!) and I just can’t mesh the two. The day after, however? It’s on. I’m even decorating our bedrooms. Having kids has turned me into a holiday freak.

6. Speaking of, do you have any interest in seeing my Thanksgiving timeline?

7. As usual, daylight saving time is kicking my butt. It cuts my work days by hours due to the natural light and by 4:30, I feel like it’s midnight!

8. Um, the ending of a Million Little Things?! I knew it was coming but this is making the story so good. Ah! Also how freaky was the end of last week’s Grey’s Anatomy episode? Oh oh oh and even though I quit it a year or so ago, I did see what happened on The Walking Dead!

9. I totally agree that jade rollers really do work. I love mine!