tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Well. I’ve decided that we have to move because yesterday I ran into the attic to grab some Christmas stuff for a photo shoot and there was a mouse. Looking right at me. Of course, in the 24 hours since this happened I have created a vision in my head of a 20 pound rat. Give me all of your mouse repellent tricks please. ASAP.

2. How adorable is this gingerbread house cake?

3. Guys! There are THREE days left to get a signed copy of The Pretty Dish for the holidays. If you buy your book(s) and send your mailing address and name(s) to theprettydishorders at gmail, I’ll send you signed book plates for the book. It’s the best way to get signed copies for the holidays.

4. Speaking of holidays, I’m dying to decorate right now, before I have Thanksgiving. Plus, it’s going to take me, like, 14 years to decorate with the kids everywhere.

5. This weird epiphany happened yesterday. Ever since having Emilia, I’ve been wacky about keeping things uncluttered. That sounds weird, and I guess what I should say is that since having two kids, lots of clutter drives me insane. And I put two and two together last night and realized that maybe it’s because babies and toddlers are so unpredictable and you can’t control any of that… so I’m trying to control the clutter. WHO CAN RELATE? Side note: I’m majorly failing at controlling the clutter, btw.

6. Hamilton is coming to Pittsburgh. I am not even going to tell you how long I waited in the virtual line last week to get tickets.

7. Oh TV stuff this week! I feel like I watched nothing, but my favorite was a Million Little Things. AGAIN. I know I sound like a broken record but I just love it SO much. Grey’s was interesting and I’m just annoyed it has sucked me back in again. Ha.

8. Totally obsessed with this behind-the-scenes look at such a memorable jingle.

9. I got a new iPhone and it has officially made me feel like I’m 96 years old. I can’t figure it out, the absence of the home button is killing me and I’m very much considering switching to a flip phone. Kidding on that last part. Sort of.

10. Oh how we love Ina.

11. P.S. those are the chocolate crinkle sprinkle cookies from the book above. I always forget how good they truly are.