tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Do you ever watch cookie decorating videos on Instagram?! Like the sugar cookies with royal icing. Max and I love to snuggle up and watch them for a few minutes at night. They are weirdly relaxing.

2. I just can’t get over this bacon wrapped salmon.

3. We were prepped for a huge snow storm on Saturday and we were so excited about it! You guys. We didn’t even get ONE FLAKE. Okay, sure, when we woke up Sunday morning there was a very light dusting on the grass, but that is it.

4. Okay so I finally watched A Star is Born this past weekend. Yes I thought Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga were amazing in it (especially her – but I had the hardest time understanding him!) and I do really like it, but I felt as if… there wasn’t enough dialogue for the movie or something? I don’t know! Maybe I expected too much.

5. Oh my gosh ANNNND how about A Million Little Things! It’s so good. I thought This Is Us was okay too but I need them to ramp it up a bit. I tried to start True Detective and I just couldn’t. Such a baby these days when anything involves kids.

6. I’ve had so many questions about time blocking and batch work lately after my insta Q and A. This video is a great explanation!

7. And this is the best piece of writing advice! I need to take it. Ha.

8. I have been doing my own version of morning pages and it is incredible. It’s seriously making my day better.

9. How do you draw an X? I’m totally a 7. Who are the monsters that draw like 1 and 2?!

10. There is a fantastic giveaway for a copy of The Pretty Dish along with some other incredible books! Enter here!