tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Last week I finally got to see Hamilton. And loooovvved it. I was so enamored during the first show that I couldn’t even move, speak, nod – I was dying over it.

2. Speaking of! When I went on Sunday, I was sitting right in front of the theater sign language interpreters. My mind was BLOWN. These three woman basically put on the show themselves and I can’t imagine how much work goes into that, especially with a show that moves so quickly. I have never seen anything like it and it was incredible!

3. This pan fried egg salad is on my lunch list.

4. Finally bit the bullet and got eyelash extensions! I’m in love with them.

5. TV stuff! I was sort of annoyed at a Million Little Things because we still didn’t really learn anything after they kept advertising that we’d learn everything! I liked This Is Us, but thought it was sad and slightly depressing, and wonder if every year they are going to bring in a new character in this way. We watched the Fyre Festival doc on Netflix and we were both hooked! It was so good and you’re just stunned that something of that nature got so far.

7. I also ended up watching a Star is Born again and actually, it’s grown on me a little. What has me completely hooked is the soundtrack. It is SO fantastic. I can’t stop listening. And did you see the video of Lady Gaga bringing Bradley Cooper up on stage this weekend?!

8. I heard that there won’t be any conversation heart candies this year, but I keep seeing people using them online. Not that I’ve ever liked them to eat, but I wanted to use some as decor and thought Max would love ’em. Whomp whomp.

9. Last week I mentioned my morning pages hack. While it’s not as zen/relaxing/inspiring as the others that I read about (seriously does that exist with small children?! ha), I’ve started doing it around another routine and find that I can get in 5 to 20 minutes of writing down junk from my brain each morning. I have this section of time in the morning when I get Max breakfast, Emilia is still asleep and I want to drink a full yeti rambler of water before making coffee. So after Max is set, I stand at the counter, suck down the water and write in between sips. Sometimes it’s a page and a half. Sometimes it’s like four sentences. Once I finish the water (which is what I’ve always done anyway before the coffee), I’m done! Admittedly I have failed doing this on the weekends, but I really like doing it during the week. It’s getting stuff out of brain.

10. You don’t have to maximize every second of your day!