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Happy Saturday! I hope you guys have a great one!


What I’m loving this week:

Berry crinkle cookies! These are the cutest.

Dying for some homemade cheese crackers.

Gorgeous persian love cake!

And how beautiful is this all-natural red velvet cake?

This shiitake maki is such a great idea.

Homemade pop tarts with strawberry jam. So cute!

Okay I’m dying to try this Taco Bell tacos recipe.

Hearty mushroom and beet bolognese – OMG it looks good.

Loving these mediterranean quinoa stuffed peppers. Yum.

Hellllo chocolate chip cookies. Those look amazing.

Cozy vegetarian pot pie. I’m into it.

Thinking I should try my hand at chocolate souffle.

Brown butter sourdough waffles. Yes please.