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Happy weekend! As we cruise through February and Valentine’s week, it’s crazy to think we’re already six weeks into the new year! Spring isn’t that far away and oh boy, I am living for it. I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!


What I’m loving this week:

Dying for some meyer lemon bacon bucatini. I mean, who isn’t?

Craving these dark chocolate honey fig walnut truffles.

Raspberry sorbet is the prettiest!

Super easy chicken tikka masala. Doing this.

Deep lilac nutella cookies. LOVING.

I want to have an aprés ski brunch. Even though I don’t ski.

Baked ziti with roasted veg. Looks so good.

Look at these vegan and GF double chocolate chunk cookies!

All I want is a bite of this pulled pork sandwich.

These oodles of poodles cookies are adorable.

I need a daily tea routine.

Vegan chocolate truffle with tahini and caramel. YES.

Have you seen some amazing things on the internet this week? Share below!