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Take a peek below at my February favorites – there are so many things I’ve been loving this month! xo

Madewell Faux Fur Coat. I bought this on sale in the dusty rose color and I’m pretty sure it will be my go-to semi-fancy coat through next year. It’s gorgeous, super soft and really heavy in a good way. Great for cold weather. The shade is gorgeous! The only downside is that it definitely sheds.

Sambucus shots. I found these at Whole Foods recently and I love that they come in this version for on the go! It’s been over two years since I started using Elderberry syrup and I swear it keeps the sickness at bay. Especially with a preschooler.

Adidas Stella McCartney Ultraboost. I know, I know. I’ve been rambling about adidas ultraboosts for years. They are by far the most comfortable shoe – in my opinion. I have multiple Nikes and APLs – these easily beat them. It feels like you’re walking on a cloud. SO last year, I bought this black version with leopard print on the bottom since I legitimately live in these. I continued to wear my first pair into the ground and just brought them out this month. They are so fun! I can’t find the black version anywhere, but there is a white version here at zappos! Have worn them everywhere.

Mel Robbins Take Control of Your Life. I looooove love love Mel Robbins. She is so real. Her daily coffee talk is so good! Anyway, she put out this book as an audible exclusive and I’m obsessed. If you’re an over-thinker and an over-analyzer, the first story is so good. It really hit home for me. She talks about thinking about things too much instead of actually doing them. Then by the time you go to do them, you’re exhausted from all the thinking! Relatable.

Moon Cheese. Lacy introduced me to this and I just about lost it. If you are into crunchy texture + cheese things, they make for an awesome snack! Sort of taste like the astronaut ice cream from elementary school (remember that?!) but it’s so good.

Suite One Studio. I’ve used Lindsay’s pieces for years, but recently grabbed a few new ones. Her pink dishes are SO pretty and I love her little ring dishes too. They are simple but stunning. I keep a ring dish near my bed and in the guest bathroom. They are the perfect size too.

Lens Cleaning Wipes. This sounds ridiculous but I love these. The packet is so small and I keep them in the car, my purse, my desk – everything! They are great for glasses and sunglasses, both of which get so blurry and dirty. These are portable and work so well.

Apple AirPods. Lacy bought these for me for my birthday in November. With the craziness of the holidays, I didn’t use them until January and now I ADORE them. I never thought I would since I don’t care for regular apple headphones. But I love them! They do hurt my ears a little after awhile, but I’m talking like after two or three hours on a plane. They are incredible for phone calls and listening to things on your computer. The only thing I don’t do is use them to work out.

Sahale Korean BBQ Almonds. I tend to stay away from these because the fruit flavors never appeal to me, but the korean bbq almonds are AMAZING! They actually have some dried pineapple in them, but are generally very savory and spicy. Not too spicy though, because I’m a baby and wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Baloo weighted blanket. My SIL bought this for me for Christmas and we are all obsessed. Max, Eddie and I all love this. We fight over it on the weekends. Max loves to nap with this – it’s so comforting for him. Eddie instantly falls asleep with it.

Peloton!! We are still obsessed with our Peloton. This past weekend I started riding under howsweeteats if you want to follow along! You guys have been asking for my leaderboard name since December and I was being weird about sharing it because I didn’t know if I would interact that much on the bike. So I decided to create a new one and it’s so much fun (and inspiring!) to ride with you in the morning! I want to do some sort of 100 ride challenge so I’m trying to figure that out.

My cauliflower gnocchi recipe. I’m in a craving phase of cauliflower gnocchi. It’s so easy once you make it a few times and it tastes really darn good. I love that we can make it at home now!

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love over the month. i purchased everything myself. tell me your faves! there may be a few affiliate links above. xoxoxo.]