tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Dallas friends! Next week is a super fun party for The Pretty Dish at Room & Board in Dallas. I’ll be signing books and chatting! And they are giving away $250! All the exclamation points. You can register here.

2.Dying over this heart ombre cake! SO cute.

3. Speaking of, um why didn’t anyone tell me that in the toddler/preschool age universe, Valentine’s Day is basically another Halloween? The candy is INSANE.

4. TV things! This Is Us was good in it’s usual depressing way. Kevin! ugh. a Million Little Things was so good too but next week looks better. I love Drea de Matteo and I’m so glad she’s in the show. Other than that, I’m not watching anything! Oh, last week I watched Gilmore Girls reruns. Hhmmmpf.

5. I loooove this article (totally just wrote ARTICHOKE) about why we should stop striving for work life balance. I totally agree and I always say that the best balance for me is that knowing that things are rarely balanced! And it all averages out.

6. So yes I’m sure behind the times, but I kind of want to get a robot vacuum. Tell me all of the details! Roomba isn’t the best anymore, right? Are they worth it? Heelllp me.

7. This whole second screening thing is awful. And I’m doing it right now while typing on the computer and watching TV in the background. Annoyed with myself.

8. I loathe portrait mode on the iPhone. I thought the concept was amazing when it was first released, but it’s so wonky now. Like the photo above, it just blurs out random portions. Whyyyyy.