tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I might be the only one here who is SO excited for daylight saving time – I am LIVING for the extra daylight. A day of exhaustion is worth it.

2. Freaking out over these chocolate pistachio cream thumbprints. Eeeep.

3. Cannot stop listening to the new Jonas Brothers song. Which is crazy, considering I didn’t even know their music as a group much before – back when they were huge, I was just a little bit too old to be into it.

4. Since it seems like I add every book in Reese Witherspoon’s book club to my reading lists, I’m going to start Daisy Jones & the Six tonight! Mostly because it’s written by an author I love and I was JUST talking about how I couldn’t get over the last book I read of hers… I’m so excited.

5. Making me laugh right now: stop calling vegetables steak.

6. So much good TV this week! I thought This Is Us was good and can we just take a moment and recognize that in a flashback, Kate was watching Felicity?! I also really liked Grey’s Anatomy. I haven’t started the HBO version of Serial yet, but I will this week!

7. Last week I did an IG live and looooved it. I always want to do them but feel like life around me is so chaotic and the kids are running and jumping and squealing and all that jazz. But I’d love to just do a chatty IG live every single day for 20 minutes or so!

8. How to deal with imposter syndrome. It’s good.

9. Lindt mini chocolate eggs are available. Just kill me now.