tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Pretty sure I mention it every year but I do NOT care for April Fools. I’m just no fun, apparently! However, it is fun to do April Foods jokes with Max and next year, I have a few lined up.

2. Absolutely dying over this fresh strawberry pound cake.

3. I’ve wanted to buy a fiddle leaf fig forever (like, years!) but can never find them around me. It’s probably for the best since my house doesn’t get much natural light, but I’ve definitely considered buying one online. I need more greenery in our house! So I kind of love this article on where to buy instagrammable plants (ha, we’re the worst) – and I have to get some!

4. Why we procrastinate! I can be the biggest procrastinator ever. This is verrrry interesting.

5. There was SO much good TV on last week. That episode of Grey’s? Maybe my favorite in years. It was so good. I thought This Is Us was so, so good too. I loved Billions because anytime Chuck and Axe interact, it’s great. And OH MY GOSH who has seen the Southern Charm trailer? Dying over it.

6. So into Robyn Arzon’s Peloton work diary. Wowza.

7. Max has a new obsession: folding laundry. I don’t know where he gets this (Eddie?) because he sure didn’t get it from me. But he loves to fold all the kitchen towels and they look a bit messy, but I just let him put them away. It makes him ridiculously excited.

8. I’m headed to NYC today and have a leeeettle bit of free time! What is the one thing you would do? Besides shop kid free, because that is definitely happening!