tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. For the first time since getting an iPhone all those years ago, I cracked my screen. This is the first phone mishap I’ve ever had and of course, since I felt so invincible, I didn’t have any insurance on it. Whomp whomp.

2. Cinnamon crumb BREAFAST BREAD? Um hello. Let’s make this a forever thing.

3. Had definite FOMO not watching Game of Thrones. I mean, like, never watching it. It just wasn’t ever my cup of tea but I sure did feel left out on Sunday night.

4. I did, however, watch and looooove Billions (p.s. anyone else can’t wait for Wendy and Taylor?!). Need to start something binge-able since summer spring/summer TV is the worst.

5. Yesterday I realized that I will probably hit my 50th Peloton ride next week… and now I’m wondering if I can hit 100 by June. If I pick a live ride for my 50th, who wants to ride with me!

6. The best: how I learned to stop being jealous and get on with my life.

7. What kind of summer entertaining recipes and tips are you looking for? I have so many fun things up my sleeve right now and want to hear what you’re thinking!

8. Decided over the weekend that it’s officially rosé season. I mean, it snowed today, but whatever.