tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Have major major craving for these strawberry poppyseed buns.

2. My current obsession is slow roasted tomatoes. It’s not even anywhere near tomato season, but slow roasting them makes them as sweet as can be.

3. Moving toward a more perfect home screen. Can you imagine clearing your phone like this? I want to do it but just the thought makes me tremble.

4. How early do we think is too early to start planting? I always try to wait because of potential frost and then I miss out grabbing some of my favorite flowers and things.

5. Walked outside yesterday and actually got a sunburn. !!!! What a fantastic sign of summer to come.

6. Speaking of! I’m obviously obsessed with the Peloton since I never stop talking about it, but what kills me is that the cycling (obviously) doesn’t add to my daily steps, and some days I have a hard time getting in as many steps as I want. Like I actually walk back and forth in my house just to make it happen, ha. I LOVE the apple watch for this accountability though, and as long as I can get in a 30 minute walk somewhere, it helps.

7. So I really liked the Billions episode this week, but is anyone else still DYING for an Axe/Wendy storyline? And who has watched the new Brene Brown Call to Courage on Netflix? SO GOOD. I’m tagging along on Eddie’s viewing of GOT too. Still not a lover.

8. I really want a pair of white sneakers even though I loathe the look on myself and def can’t pull them off with dresses or skirts. I’m dying to though! I just want to be able to make these ones work since they have a platform. And at the same time I think they are absolutely hideous.

9. Lacy says fresh oregano tastes like pencil shavings. I don’t totally disagree (there might be a hint of pencil shavings for me now that she mentioned it)… but I also don’t think cilantro tastes like soap. Thoughts?