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may beauty favorites

Best time of the month, coming right up!

GUYS. Ooooh I have so many favorites that I am LOVING this month. Even though we are nearing the temperatures and summer months where I barely wear makeup on my face, I was searching for a sunscreen that didn’t make my skin an absolutely mess and I’ve found it.

Right now, I’m mostly just wearing sunscreen, tinted moisturizer, brows, the cloud paint by glossier and my RMS highlight. Nothing overly exciting, but check out what I’m loving below!

May Beauty Favorites

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cannabis and Dry Oat Oil. Lacy turned me on to this oil after loving how calming it was on dry skin. I’ve used this on my body and face and I love it. Calming is the best way to describe it, but it’s great for light moisture too. I’ve wanted to grab it for months but just finally found it at my Sephora. I’ve used it on some eczema patches too and it’s great.

Laura Mercier Metallic Caviar Eye Stick in Intense Amethyst. I’ve used these sticks for years and LOVE them. They are staples for me, for sure. This metallic amethyst is a new-to-me shade though and I am living for it. It’s so pretty and sparkly without being straight up glitter. P.S totally forgot to grab this for the photo!

may beauty favorites

SkinFix Lipid Boost 360 Eye. After a few experiments, I decided that my Drunk Elephant C Tango eye cream was balling up under my concealer, no matter what concealer I used, how long I waited to apply, etc. I really still like the DE cream, but use it mostly at night now. After a bunch of research, this Skinfix brand had amazing reviews and I went for it. I’m LOVING this. It seems more moisturizing than the DE one and almost thicker, but it absorbs really well and does not ball up on my skin at all.

Elta MD UV Clear Sunscreen. I’ve thought about buying this sunscreen for my face for a few years. I don’t know why I never bit the bullet but I finally did and I LOVE it. This is so great under makeup, over makeup, alone – I am so happy with it. Definitely wearing this year round from now on.

Skinceuticals Physical UV Defense Sunscreen. At the same time, I bought this facial sunscreen too (based on all the reviews!) because it was tinted. I wanted something that could provide more coverage. I also got the Elta MD tinted version but I like this more. It reminds me of the Dr Jart fluid sunscreen that no longer exists. This stuff is SO thin, it comes out almost watery. It blends right into your skin and is so ridiculously light, I can’t believe it.

may beauty favorites

Coola Sunless Tan Face Serum. I’ve used this for the last two years as the sunless tanner for my face and I’m at it again. When it comes to putting any sort of tan on my face, I feel like it’s almost pointless because my skincare takes it off almost every day. So I like to use this every other day or so and I’m so pale that the color is perfect for me. Also forgot to grab this for the photo. I’m really winning at life.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Bloom. I bought this at the April VIB sale and it’s my new favorite shade. It’s the most perfect shade of pink. I love these balms and have them in multiple colors, but this is going to be a strong fave. It’s the perfect on-the-go shade because you don’t need a mirror to put this one. Don’t let the color of the tube fool you here! It’s nothing like that shade.

Supergoop Shimmershade Eyeshadow SPF 30. This is another VIB sale purchase and I’m pumped about it. Not only is the color so pretty (it’s almost a little cool toned?), but it goes on so smoothly, gives the lightest amount of shimmer and has SPF! I love it. It does need a primer under it (NARS smudge proof is still what I use) but really… what doesn’t today?!

may beauty favorites

And that’s a wrap on this month! I’d love to hear what you are loving below!

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