tuesday things

1. I’m knee deep in my first rhubarb adventure. I made a galette, pickled rhubarb (omg!) and now I want to make a crumble. I’m still undecided if I love or hate it. Seriously looks like pink celery, and we all know that celery is my nemesis.

2. This is the prettiest mile high meringue lemon tart.

3. If you had a grandma (or mom) from the depression era, I’m curious to know if they saved… meat trays. Yes I’m being serious. Like the styrofoam trays that they packed RAW meat on. Mother Lovett would save these and reuse them (and I mean, obviously wash them, but like how?! it was raw meat?! didn’t the styrofoam soak up the meat juice?) to package up things like cake and pie for people to take home. When I think about this now, it BLOWS MY MIND.

4. 9 ways to become a better, calmer cook.

5. Thoughts on instagram possibly not showing like counts anymore? I don’t really care either way. But maybe it will be a good thing for younger people! Sometimes I can’t believe that Max and Emilia will grow up never knowing what life was like without computers and phones.

6. How to be decisive. It’s real.

7. Guys. Can I plant a strawberry plant in a pot? Will it yield, like, four strawberries? Or 40? I’m trying to determine if it’s worth it to try!

8. Pretty sure my favorite look from the Met gala was Kacey Musgraves. I know it was mild but a real life Barbie. And Laverne Cox, did you see that makeup? I want that everyday. And I was obsessed with Katie Holmes’ dress. But I’m boring!