tuesday things

1. When I was a kid we spent what felt like hours in greenhouses with my mom in the spring while she picked out flowers to plant. I’m pretty sure she just let us loose for an hour or two and we ran through the aisles and kicked the stones around. Now here’s me trying to hold both kids and pick out baskets and dragging my mom with me.

2. And! I was so excited to see my chives from last year pop back up and have the prettiest blossoms on them. This is my new obsession – I’ve used the purple blossoms in multiple recipes and I love them more than other edible flowers. I planted the rest of my herbs this weekend too! Tons of basil, TONS of mint, three big lavender pots – lots of stuff!

3. Um hello chocolate raspberry cups! Reeeeally want to try these.

4. Guys, please tell me how you eat cacao nibs. Every time I get them on a smoothie bowl they are so hard then I feel like they will break my teeth. I’ve never experience it before! And I don’t totally LOATHE the taste of them, I do think they taste slightly like chocolate and coffee. But they are like biting stones. Then other times I buy them and they are fine?

5. The best of Martha Stewart’s personal instagram. I live for it.

6. So for our TV talk, who is soooo excited that Southern Charm is coming back this week? I cannot wait. I liked Billions, watched GoT last night with Eddie but am still not into it (like still have no desire to watch from the start), am dying over the ending of Grey’s Anatomy last week and kind of want to start Dead to Me on netflix too.

7. The aperol spritz is not a good drink? Lacy sent me this last week and we were in disbelief… I actually LOVE the aperol spritz. I love the taste and how light it is. Can’t get on board with that.

8. Yesterday before 7 am, Max and Emilia had emptied the contents of two of my kitchen drawers along with everything under the kitchen sink. The floor was COVERED and as I looked around, Max stare right at me and says “mama… are you having a hard time?” Maybe never laughed so hard in my liiiife.