tuesday things

1. This past weekend, I totally wiped out in front of a million people at a restaurant. Worse yet, I was carrying Emilia, but managed to magically exhibit freakish mom strength and didn’t let her hit the ground. I was fine but totally mortified and am basically convinced I’ll never get over it.

2. How freaking adorable is this strawberry cake roll?!

3. Just started reading Ghosted last night! Lacy told me about it and loved it. Speaking of, the summer reading list is almost here! Do you want it before memorial day? Or after?

4. Is it just me… or, if you have kids, and you’re looking for background TV to put on while you finish something, whether it be work or cleaning, etc, and there is nothing on, do you actually stop for a moment and consider putting on paw patrol as your background noise? Please say yes.

5. Which brings me to: TV things! I don’t have much else to talk about except for the premier of Southern Charm. I thought it was so forced and ridiculous yet so good.

6. As a follow up to last week, the entire internet agrees that the aperol spritz is really good!

7. While writing a blog post the other day I kept typing “srirancha” instead of sriracha. Which got me thinking – shouldn’t we create srirancha? Sriracha plus ranch.

8. If you are also obsessed with how Bev does her curls, here’s a tutorial! YES.

9. I keep having dreams about snakes. It’s TERRIFYING. I’ve researched and answers are all over the board: they are a sign of abundance, a sign of someone in your life being sneaky, a sign of wisdom, a sign of something terrible, etc. I’m really ready for that to end.