tuesday things

1. This past weekend Emilia changed the language on our TV to Spanish. Every single show was in Spanish – the dialogue and the menu of the TV. And I had to reset the entire TV because I couldn’t find out where to change it back. And I took Spanish all through school!

2. So obsessed with all of these strawberry snacks.

3. Last night I started Sunset Beach, which isn’t even on my summer reading list but a few of you mentioned it in the comments. I finished Ghosted last week and LOVED it.

4. I love love love this article about an old Seventeen magazine date prep day. I could have written that myself – I used to pour over those magazines as a tween and then was obviously over them by 16 or 17 years old. But so many things I read in there have stuck in my head to this day.

5. Do you guys remember a few years ago when I wrote about the cicadas coming out? I mean, there were hundreds… or, um, thousands, and they would literally fly right into your face and land on you – TONS of them. Max was only one at the time, and now they are coming back out in this area again. Pretty sure I’m going to move.

6. Speaking of, I am such an obnoxious baby about bugs (…as if you couldn’t tell). And when I was going through the Starbucks drive through to get iced coffee last week, a huge bug (maybe a cicada!?) flew in my window and landed on me. I freaked out like a psycho, all while trying to order, and trying not to freak out Max, and then I managed to get it off me and it was LOST IN THE CAR. I’m still not okay.

7. 10 instagram posts you’ll definitely see this summer. HA. Hahahahaha.

8. I’m dying to see Aladdin! Who saw it this weekend?