tuesday things

1. I’m over the moon because this weekend Lacy got engaged and it was so fun, perfect and amazing. Lots of you have asked about Lacy and while I’ve talked about her on the blog forever, in case you missed it, she is my cousin (but basically my sister) and she works with me here on blog. I am so insanely excited for her.

2. Strawberry season is just the best season. I seriously forget HOW GOOD strawberries taste when they are in season. Unbeatable. And ridiculously sweet. I will buy them by the bucket load until they are gone.

3. So very into these baked oatmeal cups! Yes to snacks.

4. TV things! I haven’t rambled about TV in a week or two. Very curious about the ending of Billions for next week and I really thought a Wendy/Axe setup was coming, ugh. I can’t wait for Big Little Lies to start even though I didn’t love it last year (I did love the book years ago!) but… Meryl, obviously. I still need something else binge-able.

5. Obsessed. What every successful person knows but never says.

6. Summer fridays is starting back up this week! And I’m going on a super fun trip on Sunday that I can’t even WAIT for. I’ve been there before but I talk about wanting to go back all the time.

7. Love this so much on how Elizabeth Gilbert gets it done.

8. Tell me all about making a kid’s chore chart! Do you use stickers? Dry erase? Just hope and pray?