tuesday things

1. We’re in Nantucket for my mom’s birthday and it’s the first trip I’ve taken away from my kids that is non-work related. I can’t believe I had the guts to do it and I obvi miss them like crazy but lying in a huge hotel bed feels the most luxurious that it ever has in my LIFE.

2. I desperately need this watermelon lavender frosé in my life.

3. Remember when I went from hating coffee to loving coffee? I’ve been sick with the sinus infection from hell all week (it’s still going!) and ended up not having coffee because I had no appetite. The coffee above was vanilla iced and it was TOO SWEET. What is happening to me? I also can no longer have something sweet (like a snack) with any kind of sweet coffee. I need PLAIN coffee if I have something sweet. My palate may be maturing. Woohoo.

4. Emilia and Max are so obsessed with each other at this stage that I can’t even take it. He HAS to give her a huge hug and kiss the moment she wakes up, before she eats (you know, preschoolers have their “rules”) and anytime he gets worked up or mad, she runs over and hugs him and he ends up laughing. They run and chase each other in circles all day. It’s seriously so funny and amazing and I love this 3 year age gap.

5. LOVE this. Let’s here it for the average child. I wish I could have read this in high school.

6. TV Things!! Who watched the premier of Big Little Lies? And the finale of Billions? Also, should I start watching Fleabag? I’m not sure if I can get into a show with a name as such. Ha!

7. I actually love this article on supporting instead of shifting conversation. I definitely struggle with this sometimes even if it’s unintentional.

8. Guys. Who is following Britney Spears’ IG stories? I need to know.