tuesday things

1. Guys! I slept on my neck wrong and now I can’t turn my head without turning my entire body. Feel like I’m 89 years old. HALP ME. Need a fix ASAP.

2. My two loves combined: cookies and cream ice cream with peanut butter. OMG.

3. Yesterday Lacy and I found a wood shard in a container of breadcrumbs! Thank goodness we found it before using any of the crumbs. Now I feel like I can only make my own.

4. Does anyone else have a spouse/partner/roommate that does everything in the dark?! I mean, like cooking, reading, watching TV, cleaning – Eddie does everything in the dark or very dim light and it makes me crazy. And then I feel SO old because I can’t see, and I’m, like, 97% sure that my mom used to say this about us when we were kids.

5. I brought home some shells from Nantucket for Max… and let’s just say it’s been a long time since I’ve brought seashells home from the beach. The shells were stacked and even though I “washed” them off in our room, I ended up bringing home shells that still had clams in them. Yes. I realized this when I got home. Luggage smelled great.

6. Whyyyy does writing suck? I get it.

7. Can’t believe that last week I forgot to talk about the finale of Billions – um, am I finally getting what I want?! So excited! What do you guys think of Big Little Lies after this week? I love to hate Meryl’s character.

8. Why you should clean your bathroom when you’re spinning out.

9. I love the new Taylor Swift song – it is so good and so catchy. But who really loves it is Max. He has asked me to play it about a hundred times already and he LOVES the video. It’s so cute. Emilia also gets super excited the minute it comes on!