tuesday things

1. It’s unofficially officially BLT season since tomatoes are just getting good. I highly suggest you find some multigrain sourdough, toast it and spread it with avocado mayo, add some crispy, crunchy bacon, tomato slices, maybe an avocado if you’re feeling it and a few pieces of butter lettuce. I’m actually mad that I’m not eating this right now.

2. Also, my summer cobbler phase is out of control. I’ve made three cobblers in the last week. Three! Help me. Come live with me.

3. Majorly craving this olive oil banana bread too.

4. TV things!! We almost finished Stranger Things (we’re on the last episode) and it is SO good. I love the mall scenes (so 80s!). I also thought this week’s episode of Euphoria was incredible. And Southern Charm was a leeeettle better last week… I just have such a hard time believing that the guys are so into this drama?

5. Speaking of, this is incredible! A guide to all the pop culture references in Stranger Things.

6. I want a new podcast to listen to, but not necessarily a true crime one, because I’m a huge baby. Suggestions please.

7. Found this on Tracy’s blog and it makes me so happy: why books are worth your month. To this day I still get giddy when I walk into a bookstore. I love the feel of an actual book in my hands. It’s almost magical to me, which sounds ridiculous in this tech-driven world. But books to me feel like… home.

8. Emilia is so adventurous that she’s going to give me a heart attack. The other day she piled blankets up on top of each other so she could stand on them in order to CLIMB up on the media table under our table. Like what! I need to bubble wrap her.