tuesday things

1. Walking into target and seeing the school supply section makes me feel all the nostalgia feels. As a kid, this time of year was like Christmas for me. I not-so-secretly still stroll the aisles and want to buy all the cute notebooks. Maaaaybe bought one. Or two.

2. This cold brew peach iced tea sounds so refreshing.

3. We leave for vacation soon and I have a burning question: do you like to sleep in on vacation? I don’t. I mean, I don’t like to sleep in in general, but especially on vacation, I feel like it wastes the day away – again, especially on vacation! I would like to be up by at least 6 every day. Now if I was on a staycation at home, I could handle some sleep ins.

4. I saw the Cats trailer on youtube before the media hype and I thought it was terrifying. Did you see it yet? And I even have a soft spot for the show because one of the years I danced, we performed Cats in multiple competitions and our costumes and makeup were insane. It was so fun.

5. The Big Little Lies finale *kind of* saved the show for me, but eh. While I love all the actors, I just don’t love how this season turned out. I did really like this episode of Euphoria – Jules is just SO good. And we thought the Yellowstone episode was awesome this week too! Also, I want to binge the first season of Succession so I can watch the new ones coming up.

6. The art of saying no to invites when you really don’t want to go. It’s good. And I need this.

7. Okay so I loathe Facebook (especially personal Facebook) but I have to say that the ads I’m served on FB are SPOT ON. The instagram ones? Not so much. But FB ads get me everything time, even if they take me to shoes that are sold out or a rainbow sequin dress that ends up costing $6000. How does it know me?!

8. Youtube recommendations are another story (though I did give you a good one in this past week’s summer fridays!) because it ends up being WWE wrestling videos thanks to Eddie. Like, why?

9. At least once a month – after the kids go to bed, when I’m sitting watch trash TV and working, some wacky toy goes off, loud music starts playing and it sounds like it’s malfunctioning/dying a slow toy death. It’s haunting!