tuesday things

1. I heard a song lyric last week about losing touch with someone, which made me realize that today, losing touch with someone is almost impossible. Even if someone has zero social media, it’s rare that phone numbers change these days and it’s easy to find info on everyone. Actually kind of freaky.

2. Freaking over these limoncello ricotta pancakes. Wow.

3. I’ve already found myself searching for fall decor online. Like, not getting actual emails about it, but going to a website and typing in fall or autumn or seasonal just to see what comes up. I just can’t help it, it’s the best season.

4. How to choose a color scheme for your life, basically. I live for this. Except I want everything around me to be neon and rainbow and bright, then I just want all my clothes to be black. Riddle me that.

5. Haven’t caught up on all the TV we love this week, but how about Southern Charm last week? I actually liked the episode but can’t staaaaand how fake and forced it all seems. I mean, duh, I know it’s fake, but still! It just seems so out there this year. I also can’t wait to watch new OITNB!

6. P.S. who is watching Shark Week? I feel like Shark Week peaked 12 years ago, but I still like some of it, and this week Max is DYING over it because he is obsessed with sharks. A lot of times he likes to watch hammerhead shark videos on instagram and it’s the cutest thing.

7. I just saw that Now and Then is on Netflix! That was MY movie when I was a tween. It was everything. I wanted to be just like them. I wanted to ride my bike everywhere all summer long and have an amazing tree house. It makes me want to have an outdoor adult tree house, even though that feels like camping which is ultimately my worst nightmare.

8. On language changing so fast. I’m super excited to read this because clearly, a lot of my language has changed thanks to the internet. If someone ever texts me with a period at the end of their sentence, I assume they are furious. Right?

9. Getting an iced coffee and croissant every single morning on vacation. A pistachio croissant, that is, and it makes me wish this could be an every morning thing.