1. My current favorite snack: toast, almond or cashew butter, sliced peaches, hemp hearts. Try it! So filling and wonderful.

2. Yes yes yes look at these double chocolate toasted marshmallow cookies.

3. Friends in DC! I’ll be at an event with Maria for her book signing on Thursday Sept 5 to kickoff her cookbook tour! We’re having a big party at Room & Board and you should def come hang out.

4. Okay guys. I might be the only one who is over packing cubes. For awhile, I loved them. But recently, I’ve felt like using packing cubes makes me lose space in my suitcase and that I can actually stuff more stuff in the suitcase WITHOUT the cases! I know the idea of them is to simplify packing but… that will never be me.

5. Speaking of, why doesn’t anyone tell you that when you go on vacation with babies/toddlers, it’s so.much.work. I mean, yes, my mom mentioned it the first year I had Max, but no one tells you that BEFORE you have kids. We had such an amazing time, but it was more exhausting than ever! Eddie and I both averaged 25K steps a day, and it’s not like we did long day trips or anything – it’s still a very chill, relaxing vacay. Just constant running to chase the babes.

6. How to trick yourself out of a bad habit.

7. TV THINGS! Okay who watched the ending of Euphoria?! It was my least favorite episode, Jules basically broke my heart and I had to read multiple articles to figure out just what happened. I love the show though. This past week’s Yellowstone episode was so good. My inner 90s kid is still in love with Kevin Costner and isn’t Rip just the best?!

8. This is so interesting to me! Why we embrace lowercase in texting.

9. Inquiring minds want to know: do you officially start your day on Sunday or Monday?