tuesday things

1. Really loving this stir fried lettuce bowl.

2. Emilia has started this stand-up sleeping thing. It started on vacation when she didn’t want to sleep, and now she is doing it in her crib too. She literally stands up, rests her cheek on the side of the crib and FALLS ASLEEP. This cannot be my child. I can’t even sleep lying down.

3. Have you seen the peanut butter pickle sandwich “recipe” circling the internet? My dad’s entire family has always been obsessed with that combo and I’m pretty sure my grandpa would still eat it today. I am a total pickle freak but cannot even imagine.

4. TV Things! So I started watching the last season of OITNB over the weekend! I’m really liking it so far and I normally find the start of the season slow. OMG who watched Yellowstone last week? I thought it was the best episode yet! And I just saw a preview for a Million Little Things which got me SO excited.

5. How to be your most productive self.

6. Speaking of the above, I’ve come to the realization that I might be an academic-planner person. I like the idea of starting a new planner come July or August. Regardless of how many years I’ve been an adult, the whole “new year” thing is burned into my brain. I love the second half of the year so much more and it just feels like a new start. I’m still using the Passion Planner that I LOVE but just this month started looking at other options that have more notes pages/to-do lists with each actual day. Any suggestions?! If you’ve been here for awhile, you’ll remember I used to use an Erin Condren life planner and then I used the Day Designer for a few years too.

7. Totally going to grow sunflowers next year.

8. I’m absolutely dying over Simone Biles’ routines this past weekend. She is so incredible!

9. Videos like those sometimes make me wish I stuck with gymnastics, but couldn’t handle how mean my coach was and at, like, ten years old, she would sit on our butt to get our straddle splits down to the floor. Still having nightmares about it!