tuesday things

1. My brain had a meltdown as I was buying corn this past weekend at our local farm. For some reason, I thought a dozen was seven ears, even though I proceeded to put 13 (their real dozen, they give you an extra ear!) in the bag. I’m photographing a ton of recipes for the book this week and *thought* I needed two dozen… so I got 26 ears… but in my head I kept thinking it was 14 ears. Somehow this didn’t compute in my brain – 26 ears (!!!!!) – until Eddie was shucking it all for me. OMG. It’s so much corn. The good news is that it’s DELICIOUS. And I can freeze it and we will have corn forever and ever.

2. Like I mentioned above, I’m shooting a bunch of book recipes this week and I am freaking out because the recipes are so.darn.good. I didn’t think I could love a book more than The Pretty Dish. This one might beat it!

3. Laughing so hard at the reactions for this pizzadilla thing. It’s crazy. Watch the video! It just goes on and on and gets worse and worse.

4. We took the kids to the baseball game last minute on Saturday night (which, let’s be real, mostly is worth it for the view + the food) and it was difficult – past their bedtime, Emilia refused to sit and wanted to go up the steep steps “all by herself!,” there wasn’t much Max wanted other than ice cream… and then around the 7th inning we saw a grand slam! It turned the night around and was so fun, fireworks and all. It was so exciting and Max absolutely loved it.

5. TV Things! I totally forgot that The Affair started Sunday night! I thought it was okay, minus all the Joanie/robot future stuff. Yellowstone last week was amazing and terrifying. Southern Charm finale was more fun than the season episodes. And who else finished Mindhunter?!

6. Yesterday I found this on Tracy’s blog and it could not have come at a more perfect time for me: how to not feel lonely. For some reason, yesterday I had major lonely feelings that felt like they came out of no where.

7. I can’t get enough of the new Taylor Swift album – I LOVE it. Like, 1989-love it. I never thought I’d love another album as much as 1989 and this one is knocking it out of the park for me.

8. Speaking of, her outfit at the VMAs last night was unreal! Also, Lizzo! And Missy Elliot’s performance… dying.

9. I will never apologize for my flavored coffee. Nope.