tuesday things

1. I’ve been dying over these mexican fruit cups all week!

2. So I gave in and tried the pumpkin cream cold brew at Starbucks. OH MY GOSH it is the most delicious thing ever. I can’t believe how much I loved it. I don’t love the “spice” part of their pumpkin spice, and this is oddly not very spiced at all. I love love love it and want to get one every single day. Please tell me you’ve tried it.

3. Funny though! I asked for a decaf iced coffee (trust me, I know not to ask for a decaf cold brew) and the barista was like ummm… we don’t have decaf iced coffee. They they stared at me for a minute and said but I can just make you a decaf iced americano? At that moment I felt like I was inside the meme I’ve seen all over instagram – can we just not do this today?!

4. Personal branding for people who hate personal branding. Which are you?!

5. TV things! Okay, so the finale of Yellowstone? I loved it even though it seemed a little… too easy? But it was so good. RIP is everything but let’s be real, so is Kevin Costner is you’re a 90s baby. The rest of the Southern Charm finale was… meh. BH90210 cracks me up but I can’t turn away! I just can’t. It’s awful at the same time but I sort of like it? And The Affair. Ugh, I was sort of annoyed that this episode was the same scene as last week and I still can’t get over the future Joanie (will we really be having conversations with our toilets in 20 years?) but I can’t let go.

6. We’re still obsessing over the Taylor Swift album, but the best part is that Max’s favorite song is PAPER CLIPS. Yes that is what he calls it.

7. Also, the cutest thing ever? Max went back to school this past week and Emilia refused to take off her backpack at home for three hours. Three!

8. How google calendar is breaking hearts. As an avid user of google calendar, I found this crazy/funny/probably awful if you’re in the situation.

9. It’s officially apple cider season in this house and I’m here for it.