tuesday things

1. Seriously dying over this baked spaghetti. Look at that!

2. When Eddie gets in fall mode, I mean, he gets into it. I think he bought 20 (yes, 20) pumpkins this weekend and strategically placed them all over the front of our house. It’s like his autumn passion project.

3. Speaking of, we’re starting our pumpkin patch tour this coming weekend. We basically go to a different one every weekend for the next month or so. I live for it.

4. Started reading American Royals last night and I think I’m going to LOVE it. Have you read it yet?

5. I am so old and out of touch now that someone needs to explain to me what a VSCO girl is. I thought VSCO was a photo editing app. Halp.

6. The best meal planning hack.

7. TV Things! What did you think of The Affair this week? Who else loathes Sasha Mann? And Lacy keeps telling me I NEED TO WATCH SUCCESSION so I’m def starting. I swear.

8. Highlight of the week is that I’m talking Max to see The Lion King (theater, not the movie) and I am ridiculously excited.

9. How Claire Saffitz gets it done. Love this so much!

10. Really want to wear one of those velvet headbands that I see everyone (on instagram?) wearing, but I look like a child! I mean, I wouldn’t leave the house in elementary school without a headband soooo….