tuesday things

1. Now that it’s officially October, I feel that it’s acceptable to fly my pumpkin freak flag. Publicly, you know.

2. The internet and touch screen phones have ruined me so much that last week, I went to an ATM that was not a touch screen, and I kept tapping the screen like a freak before realizing it wasn’t doing anything.

3. Really want these weeknight enchiladas verdes for dinner!

4. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of leopard print clothing and 100% own way too much of it, but WOW. Animal print is out of control this season, right? It’s everywhere! Some I love, some I loathe. So I’m sort of here for it. Drawing the line at the leopard dishware.

5. If you’re like me and always looking for ways to improve every.single.recipe, you’ll love this: the impossibility of the hard boiled egg.

6. TV things!! Oh my gosh, okay first, This Is Us? I’ve been so over the depressing nature of the show for a year but this episode’s ending gave me chills and was incredible! Love love love a Million Little Things too, it’s by far my favorite show. I watched Grey’s like the sucker that I am and thought it was… okay. I can’t quit it.

7. Speaking of, I can’t believe they are rebooting Are You Afraid of the Dark! As a diehard Snick fan (seriously I lived for Saturday nights + Snick), it always scared me but it felt more innocent or something back then. Is that just because I’m old now or because the internet exists?

8. Why we should stop feeling guilty about the things we enjoy. YES.