tuesday things

1. A TON of you have sent me the Lisa Frank hotel room – like tons! I love that you guys know me so well. It’s basically my tweenage dream in a room! But I also saw this on instagram over the weekend and it made me think twice about it. Unbelievable!

2. For some reason I am craving these pumpkin cinnamon rolls like MAD today!

3. Even when my phone is locked, the kids still know how to access the camera. The amount of hilarious photos I find at a later date are ridiculous and mostly unnecessary, but some end up being my favorites. Max loves to grab it and take pictures of Emilia.

4. TV things!! I really loved This Is Us, a Million Little Things and even Grey’s (gah) this week. I actually also loved The Affair and hate myself for feeling sort of bad for Noah, but that’s the side of the story they portray right?!

5. Oh my gosh I love this: how to stick to your creative goals. So good.

6. Remember over the summer when I took the kids to see Toy Story 4? And cried my eyes out at the end? Well, I went during the afternoon while Eddie was at work, so he finally watched it this weekend and cried at the end too. Needless to say, Max didn’t get it, haha.

7. It’s official: the pumpkin cream cold brew is ruining my life.

8. There are only 11 Mondays left in this year. Isn’t that insane?!