tuesday things

1. My favorite pumpkin carving tip: before you stick a candle instead your pumpkin, sprinkle the whole inside with cinnamon, especially the top. It helps to use a vanilla candle too! My mom always did this when we were kids. It’s such a nostalgic scent. And smells great for trick or treaters.

2. Ultimate chocolate cupcakes with cloud frosting. OMG.

3. Emilia is obsessed with getting “blankets” for her stuffed animals, except her blankets are my kitchen towels. She refuses to use an actual blanket, she only wants to use a kitchen towel! She even steals them when I’m using one. It’s kind of hilarious. And… not always clean? But she always manages to sneak one!

4. Christmas music is already on the radio aaaaand I sort of don’t hate it. We might have listened to some of it already. Accidentally on purpose.

5. Why achieving a goal is the worst thing to happen sometimes. Interesting!

6. TV things!! Okay so oh my gosh, who has watched Modern Love?! I started it on Friday morning right before I had to go speak at a conference and I ended up bawling my eyes out! Each episode got better than the last, though I unfortunately didn’t love the Tina Fey one? The Dev Petal episode was my fave! Also, The Affair! I actually loved the episode on Sunday. The snake thing was a little much but I liked it. How are they going to wrap it up? Still an unnecessary season.

7. Are you dressing up for Halloween?! Even though I enjoy all holidays a million times more now that I have kids, I’ll still never get over it: I don’t like Halloween. As I’ve mentioned a billion times, I was Jem for five or six years in a row as a kid, so can I just be that on Thursday too?

8. My kids have discovered bubble wrap and they are obsessed. If it comes in any package, Max gets ridiculously excited and I totally remember that. I always wanted to pop every bubble and my mom wouldn’t let me.

9. How to start a conversation. Well, this is helpful.